Brief Festival Titles

Since its begining, Brief Festival focuses on audiovisual creators, both video and motion graphics. In addition to the great specialists who go through the festival stage, we collaborate every year with a studio for the creation of a unique piece, the sequence of titles of the edition. It is always a great honor and a joy to discover on the last day of the festival those productions created by the heirs of Saul Bass, Kyle Cooper and other greats designers.

by Trizz Studio

Trizz and studio director, Oriol Puig crafted the Brief Festival 2019 title sequence, premiering in Madrid to a crowd of designers from around the world.
The trailer and making of were presented along with insights about our Hyundai commercial project which took ADC and D&AD awards.

The emotionalised, visual story of the film is structured around the desire from any creative to go return to the freedom of the child´s mind (the director’s young daughter) we tackle the idea of Atemporal, which was the word briefed from the festival as the concept for the film.
Set in an industrial tire recycling zone, the girl plays, dreams and draws her visions through chalk, racing through the mountains of tires and discovering the mysteries of nature within a cardboard box. She transforms worlds through her incredible imagination that takes her far above the earth.
The festivals line-up of fantastically talented artists and studios names appears superimposed throughout the trailer.


by Pleid

λóγος, a Myths Story

Humanity has always been questioning everything that surrounds it. People need to know why and everything they can’t explain rationally is shown through a story. All these stories use fantasy, imagination, and creativity to try to understand life. Every society through the ages has had their own, for the Greeks they were myths and are the origin for λóγος as knowledge.
Pleid Studio has been inspired by these mythological stories to imagine a universe full of iconic elements to create a poetic environment where everything is possible. Minotaur’s labyrinth, Icarus, the Mermaids and Pandora’s Box are represented in a very abstract and conceptual way that also respond to the fourth elements, earth, air, water and fire. Rebeka Arce has collaborated in these credits with her amazing graphics and title designs. Music and sound design were made by the talented team of Father and Nacho Velasco made the elegant titles animation.


by Plenty

By Mariano Farias, ECD at Plenty.

The title refers to the idea that we have about the role of today’s motion/graphic designer. They have become a multidisciplinary designer, who are involve themselves in design of spaces, including building structures, furniture, rooms, interior decoration, design of surfaces, lighting, color, texture, vegetation, taking much further the limits of traditional graphic design. And on top of all this is language of cinema, animation, behavior of objects, characters, and physical dynamics created by computer. So this designer is creating a whole parallel world.
All this is within the reach of the current designer with only a couple of tools, where they can do it by themselves, without the help of a technical-profile specialist. The objective is not functional but communicative, and their designs exist only in the digital environment, but they are designs at last and the viewer believes this designed world exists.


by Peter Cobo & Jorge Artola

The video represents common daily situations that could be really annoying at times but, at the same time, shows that this is not the end of the world. Bad things happen, but everything has a solution (sometimes easier than you think).

Directed by: Jorge Artola and Peter Cobo

Music and sound Design by: Aimar Molero


by Barfutura

The Barfutura team was inspired by the credit titles of the horror films of the 60s and 70s for the video they created.