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Λóγος, knowledge and creativity

Discover here this year's subject and why we decided to name the fifth edition of Brief Festival "Λóγος, knowledge and creativity". Across our society and even more in our industry, when we talk about logos, we are thinking about logotypes, the visual representation of [...]

Brief Festival 2018 titles by Pleid

This is with great pleasure that we announce that the studio Pleid will create the titles sequence of Brief Festival’s upcoming 5th edition. Led by Pleid’s founder and creative director, Juanma Mota, a multidisciplinary team will work on this project to close Brief 2018 in the [...]

Brief Festival is back! 4-6 October 2018

Like every year, Brief Festival will take place in October, but this is year special as we'll be celebrating the festival's fifth anniversary. We can't wait to see you from October 4th to 6th at the Conde Duque Cultural Centre, Madrid, for a new [...]

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