Workshop con Vallée Duhamel 2017-10-15T14:35:17+00:00

Experimental design by Vallée Duhamel

Workshop – 27 October – 17:00

Duration: 4 hours

Location: Revista Visual office, Madrid

Price: 80 euros

Description: This workshop is about reacting to an assignment in a short period of time through a project that challenges the usual creative process. Using different objects, the participants will be asked to change the perspective of these object’s primary functions and create a piece that communicates something of a different purpose. Using the theme of the “absurd”, Vallée Duhamel invites the participants to create a static or moving image(s) using chosen objects, without any relations from one another in the first place. There are no rules of what the output should be, neither the aesthetic.

Requirements: We invite participant to bring with them as many objects possible, the minimum being:
1 laptop
1 camera (a phone is fine)
1 basic toolbox containing glue, tape, velcro, elastics, strings, X-acto and scissors… your preferred tools to cut and stick.
Some big cardboards of paper
You are also invited to bring other personal elements. It could go from a shoe, basket or tennis or ping pong balls, a fruit, a mirror, a large piece of fabric, a flower or large leaf, a lollipop, an old electronic device… Anything that you can cut, break and glue!

Registration: email us at