Talk 1st November

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Iván has a peculiar background. He comes from a family of Jehovah’s Witnesses. At a very early age he managed to escape from their mentality and oppression, getting expelled from their community and from his home. He started working as a designer and immediately gained recognition online. He moved to Monterrey, Mexico after taking a job offer as a website designer for a porn site. He soon was hired as an art director by a respected design agency.

He has taught design at various universities, lectured at numerous conferences and offered workshops around the world. His particular background gave him a different approach to design. He seeks inspiration by traveling and by building relationships with interesting people.  

Iván founded Futura in 2008. Since it’s creation, Futura has become an internationally renowned creative studio, characterized by its disruptive approach to design, pushing boundaries and taking risks every step of the way. Specializing in branding, art direction and photography, the studios’ vision consistently blurs the lines between different disciplines, paving the way to new forms of creativity. Every project is a new opportunity to challenge our perception of design and its impact in our everyday life.