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Sponsor Brief Festival
Support creativity! Turn your company into a benefactor for one of the most creative events of the year. Contact us through email: and we will send you a proposal according to the characteristics of your company.

Are you a journalist, blogger or both? Do you want to write about an artist that we are presenting, an activity during the festival, or on Brief in general? Please contact us at! We will do everything we can to get you helpful material and information (e.g. press releases, material about Brief Festival or about the artists that will be part of 2020’s edition…).

Artists, designers and professionals
We are always looking for new ideas and talents to be featured on our blog or for the festival’s next edition as well as possibilities for associated events and workshops that we organize throughout the year. Send us an email at, subject: “Participate in Brief”, with a small example of your work (education, technique, etc.) and a link so we can see it or hear it.

Be part of the team
Brief Festival is a constantly moving project. There is a lot to be done, so if you think you can lend us a hand, wherever you are, we would be delighted to meet you. Send us an email to:, subject: “Collaborate with Brief” and briefly tell us what do you do and why you would like to join Brief.