What is it?

We have all heard on several occasions that children are very creative. But what is creativity and how can we help the little ones to know how to take advantage of it, to use it as a key tool in their personal (and, in the future, professional) development? Re-creo begins from this premise.

The project will consist of a workshop given by Javier Nieto, director of Mr. Marcel School and Nacho Díaz de Argandoña, expert in creative thinking, culminating with the collective realization of a mural on the school’s façade on June 10. In this last activity, led by the artist and educator Digo Diego, the children who have participated in the workshop, will use the techniques and methodologies learned the two previous days: “Lotus Blossom”, “Exotic Association”, the creation of superheroes or the challenge of the Marshmallows.

Re-creo (re-creation) aims to be the prelude to Brief Festival 2018 and, although it shares the philosophy of the festival, it focuses on something much more specific: the social and intergenerational inclusion of children through creativity and art. This is the first satellite project of the Festival but the goal is to start organizing other events and activities during the year, always with creativity and visual art as the guiding thread.

Who participates?

In the words of Gloria Ruiz, director of Brief Festival: “We wanted the project to be led by agents and groups with experience in creativity and pedagogy, as well as by an artist who understood perfectly the values of the project. We believe that the gathered team could not have been better in this sense. ” For this first edition of re-creo, along with Brief Festival, collaborate:

Javier Nieto  Mr. Marcel School

Nacho Díaz de Argandoña

Digo Diego

Asociación Alanda

Escuela Infantil Magos

Grupo Scout 217 Matternhorn