Cabeza Patata



Cabeza Patata is an illustration and animation studio formed by Katie Menzies and Abel Reverter. They are building a world of playful yet strong characters that pop up everywhere with their bold colours and no-nonsense attitudes, from street murals in Barcelona to 3D animation for Spotify. As Cabeza Patata grows, so does their interest in using different media; experimenting with VR, textile patterns and craft workshops, and 3D printing their characters.

Their approach to character design mostly comes from people-watching. They find fun positions and situations everywhere and they enjoy exaggerating them in their characters, creating something a bit absurd and light-hearted from the everyday. Often the most normal parts of daily life, like taking the bus to work or having a drink with a friend, become the basis for an illustration full of colour and life simply by playing with positions and abstraction. They also love to travel and see how different places and people are made up of their own distinctive colours and patterns. Cabeza Patata try to recreate this humanity and distinctiveness in all aspects of their work, giving each character their own personality and story.