Miriam Persand

Conference 4 Oct


Miriam Muñoz (Miriampersand) is a graphic designer, illustrator and author of comics based in Madrid.
Her style is colorful, full of anthropomorphic animals and looking for complicity with watchers through elements of pop culture.
She has worked for brands, companies and institutions such as Madrid City Council, Adidas, Diesel, Bugaboo, Fundación Telefónica, among others.
Her illustrations have been published in media such as El País Semanal, Babelia, Retina, Yorokobu, M21, Conde Nast Traveler, etc.
She began with illustration as a hobby, making flyers for the Siroco nightclub in Madrid, and since then she has dedicated more and more time to drawing, until it became her full-time job.
She currently works as an illustrator for Freeda and in her spare time she takes freelancing commissions, draws comics and is the bench coach of the Spanish team of Roller Derby.