A annual subscription service for designers that aims to:  

  • Help the professionalization of the design sector by promoting professional practices
  • generate tools so that designers can develop their activity having sufficient knowledge
  • establish a safe and trusted space for women and non-binary people within design
  • help connect and create bridges between professionals, institutions and companies
  • Continue activities. They would not focus on a single festival moment, but would last over time.

The project would be developed through the following activities and contents:

1- Internship and employment exchange. A space dedicated to centralizing professional opportunities within the sector and promoting the growth of studios led by designers. This space will generate both national and international agreements with universities, schools, studios and agencies to achieve maximum professional opportunities.

2- Online professional directory focused on art directors and designers.

In this project we want to support and promote the work of art directors within the creative sector. To do this, a section of the platform dedicated to the professional work of art directors will be implemented on the web in the form of a professional directory with their name, a sample of their projects and a contact.

3- Online creative workshops

Learning is an essential part of the project that helps grow the community and create a more holistic Brief experience. For this reason, we propose a selection of digital interactive activities focused on remote collaboration. The activities will be inclusive of everyone and from anywhere.

This project is carried out through wearefido.org

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