Where we are?

The festival is held at the Conde Duque Cultural Center. This building dates back to 1717 where Felipe V ordered its construction for the Royal Guard Corps Barracks. The layout of the building was designed by Madrid architect Pedro de Rivera with the aim of accommodating 600 guards and 400 horses. During the 19th Century the building was a military academy, an astronomical observatory as well as part of the optical telegraph communications system.

In 1983, Conde Duque began its journey as a cultural center under the City of Madrid where it started to fulfill the mission of disseminating contemporary culture during the 80s. The Conde Duque Cultural Center can be summarized in three ways: Historical Culture, Culture as Knowledge and Education and Culture as life.

Address: Calle Conde Duque, 11.
How to get there?

Metro: Ventura Rodríguez, Plaza de España, San Bernardo and Novitiate

Buses: 1, 2, 44, 74, 133 and 749

BiciMAD: stop 13 (In front of the main entrance)

Photo by Paco Gómez

There are two main areas at Brief Festival: The Brief Festival Stage and the Bóvedas Gráficas (Graphic Vaults).

Brief Festival Stage

In the Brief Festival stage is the main area where the talks will be held. You will have the chance to meet and share stories with both national and international creatives such as: Marina Willer (Pentagram), Tony Brook (Spin Studio), Cruz Novillo, Annie Atkins, Relajaelcoco, Violaine & Jérémy, Noma Bar, Gemma O’Brien, Six N. Five, Pleid St, Serial Cut, Owen Gildersleeve, Katie de Klee (Design Indaba), Mercedes Bellido, Shotopop, Gabor Schreier (Saffron), Malika Favre, 36 Days of Type, Studio Humana, Foreal, Hey Studio, Sven Ehmann (Gestalten), Pep Carrió, Toormix, TAVO, Tyrsa, Pablo Rubio (Erretres), Julius Wiedeman, Wasted Rita, Plenty, Vasco Vicente, Ultranoir, Fjord, Universe Fragment, Apéritif, From Form , Art of the Title, Huda Abifarès (Khatt Foundation), Lotta Nieminen, Hattie Newman, Biographical, Andoni Beristarain, Paloma Rincón, Bartholot and many more.

Bóvedas Gráficas (Graphic Vaults)

Formerly used as stables in the 1700s, this space of 500 m2 is used during Brief Festival to hold exhibitions, artistic installations and creative workshops. Occasionally, we all have some beers there and watch performances or listen to music.

Brief Pro

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