Saar Friedman

Talk 2nd November

WWW (Improv design) & WWW (OPEN) | FB | IN

Saar Friedman is Co-Founder & Chief Creative Director of OPEN – the largest branding company in Israel.

After working with world renowned brands such as Hisense, Soda Stream, Sprite, ELAL Airlines, Elementor, Playtika, Lotus, Tuborg and Plarium – Saar Friedman decided to try a new approach to the way we design.
He worked long and hard in order to establish his methodology, so he can teach others to apply this groundbreaking, novel way of thinking about design: Improv Design.

This talk will include some of our work demonstrating the innovative way design is used in order to include different parts of society such as Mentally Challenged people or dissolve borders in Jerusalem between Christians, Muslims and Jewish people.